Post-Hardcore 00's Linux

I currently use Linux Mint for my PC, does anyone have advice for creating Post-hardcore music from the 2000’s? Stuff like Dance Gavin Dance, Finch, Letlive., A Static Lullaby, A Lot Like Birds. Im new to Ardour so is there things i need like plugins to add. Am I better of using LMMS for it?

Ardour seems as good as any for this if you are recording audio. I find that Ardour excels at audio recording, editing and mastering. As for plugins, there are numerous bundled and 3rd-party options for EQ, compression, limiting, reverb and more. If you are looking more for an Ableton Live style setup with modular sound design and non-linear workflow then perhaps Bitwig would be the better option. There’s nothing inherent about post-hardcore 00s that precludes you from using Ardour.

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