Possible virus contracted accessing online Ardour manual

I copied a warning message from 7.5 to paste into the online manual. Firefox notified me that the site was unsafe, so I did not proceed. When I opened Libre Office to work on an unrelated document, when using the cut and paste function there, the message I had copied got distributed throughout the Libre Office document. I possibly got infected from a previous cut and paste before Firefox flagged the Ardour Manual site. I’m using Opensuse Leap 15.5 Any suggestions on how to rid myself of this virus? Thanks for any help.

There seems to be a lot of questions in your explanation for the record, namely:

  1. What exactly was the message from Firefox?
  2. Is there any other indication of infection other than a message pasted multiple times? This would be more indicative of a bug than an infection honestly.
  3. What exactly were you trying to copy, and how were you going to paste it into the online manual?

Short version, as of right now based off your description it doesn’t sound like you got a virus, but rather are seeing buggy behavior. I haven’t seen an indication of compromise of Ardour’s website, and checking just now I still don’t see one. So would need more information to search for, like screenshots, messages, etc. to be able to track down anything.

In as far as how to get rid of an infection, virus checkers, restore from backups, etc. the same as you would on anything else. That being said considering I have yet to see an actual infection of a virus on Linux (They do exist, just far less common than Windows) so it isn’t something I have an exact workflow for, but the basic concepts still apply.

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That doesn’t sound like virus behaviour to me. It sounds more like a bug somewhere.

Viruses, in 2023, don’t normally behave in the way you describe. They are stealthy and tend to do stuff like crypto mining, information stealing, and acting as botnets.

I’m also not aware of any Linux vulnerability in desktop cut/paste which would allow a virus to spread in the way you describe.

So I think it’s highly unlikely it’s a virus.

But, just in case, you should install an antivirus application like Clamtk and scan your entire system. That is likely to take some time, especially if you have a lot of files.




There is an issue with security certificates on the manual. For instance

The Ardour Manual - Ardour Overview is fine but

https://www.manual.ardour.org/welcome-to-ardour/ throws up a certificate error and a warning page for firefox at least.

It’s not a virus though, just an erroneous configuration.

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OK. That is good to know. Thank you. I will install clamav and freshclam on my system and run a scan.

Thanks for that!

www.manual.ardour.org should not even exist. We need to fix that.

It’s just manual.ardour.org


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