Possible to import NUENDO files?

This might be a stupid question…hopefully not though.

My band is getting ready to go into a studio to record our album. They are running NUENDO on a PC platform. We’re using their studio to track because they’ve got a great interface and mic setup.

Our idea is to do the basic tracking over there, and then to take the files back over to my home studio and finish the overdubs and mixing.

My question is, would it be possible to import the NUENDO files into Ardour to finish the project? If not, my plan would be to take each individual wave file and import into Ardour, I just would like to avoid the hassle of getting everything lined up properly, and if there is a way to open up NUENDO files in Ardour that would be perfect.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks!

The session file? Sorry, no. We are slowly working on support for AAF, which is about the only standard for session files worth paying attention to (OMF is widespread because of ProTools but its also proprietary and is hard for us to support).

The individual files? Well, if you use Broadcast WAVE as the format in Nuendo (which is always a good idea if the session might need to be portable), then each file will have an internal timeline position recorded in it. Ardour 2.0 will align them correctly if you embed them (not import).

If you do not use Broadcast WAVE, then it will be a lot harder to get them all aligned.

With Ardour 0.99, the alignment will not happen automatically I am afraid.

hey thanks so much for the feedback…we’ll make sure to use Broadcast WAVE. I’m really excited to start using this program and linux in general. I plan on donating as much as I can to keep this going!

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Please remember that subscriptions mean much more to us than one time donations, though either are very welcome.


does this really work? I tried to record a bit in ardour2beta11.1 in the Broadcast wave format and then embed it into a new project (just to test).
But it didn’t work… I click in a track and click “import audio”, chose a file and then embed it, but it’s not at the specific position.

What I saw in the dialogue in which you can chose the audio file was that the recorded file was still only a “WAV (Microsoft)” and no BWF.

Did I do something wrong? I made sure that the Audio Header was set to Broadcast Wave during recording (and the whole session).

Any clues? Thanks!