Possibility of using Sysex via Lua

I would like to convert CC values to trigger SysEx events to a device. In theory, this seems possible to achieve in Lua. Can anyone confirm this? I attempted to test this originally using the MidiMapperX VST plugin to send a Sysex message which failed. Are all Sysex messages filtered from MIDI plugins?

I was able to find the Rewrite MIDI script which seems to speak directly to the hardware buffer if I’m understanding it right. Would this be the best way to get the message directly to the device?

I overlooked the tx_raw_midi_from_file.lua script earlier which sends data over an async midi port. The device receives the SysEx data normally when patched to the Control Out port.

Edit: I used the script above to hack together a SysEx message sender from a text field.

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Well done!
Now I am curious about the use-case.
What text do you send via sysex and to which device?

Right now it’s for automatically controlling the bank switching on an MPK2 series device for pad feedback. I’ll need to create a more comprehensive script and template for controller feedback, but glad to know it’s possible within Ardour.

By the way, I’ve seen that GUI questions have been asked before and I’ve checked the methods used in various scripts, but is it possible to obtain a Cairo drawing context from an Ardour dialog?

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