Portamento automation

How do I add portamento on/off automation event? I can’t seem to be able to have Ardour 8.1 show an automation lane for the portamento controller.

Same for portamento speed.

Click A for automation


I see just “volume”, “pan” and “expression”.
I’m using the SFizz sampler. Perhaps it does not support portamento and reports it to Ardour?

I just tried sfizz and I see the same as you with the LV2, with the VST3 I see more options.

Which synth do you use?

The default General MIDI Synth does not support it (and hence it is not listed).

The Controller list is defined by the MIDNAM - There is a dropdown in the MIDI track header, shown when you increase its height).

He’s using Sfizz

Shouldn’t all standard MIDI controllers always be available?

That would just clutter up the Menu with CCs that won’t do anything. It would also lead to the opposite question: “Why does the Portameto CC not do anything”.
MIDNAM (official MIDI standard) explicitly adds a feature to specify supported CCs.

PS. You can override this by selecting “MMA > General” MIDNAM from the dropdown, which lists all standard CCs with the default names.


Some plugins allow you to assign CCs to controls within their interface. So how does Ardour know which CCs do something?

A LV2 synth plugin can inform Ardour by providing a dynamically generated MIDNAM. The plugin can also update it at any time when CCs are re-assigned within the plugin’s UI (setBfree is one example).

When a plugin provides a MIDNAM, the dropdown in the MIDI header shows “plugin provided” (and you can still override it, if you so wish).


In many cases it does not. This is one reason why VST3 bends over backwards to not allow MIDI “inside” plugins.

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Will Pipewire 1.0 fix this???

I’m joking. :slight_smile:

I’m so tired of pipewire.

FWIW, sfizz apparently supports the label_ccN opcode.

I haven’t used label_ccN yet, but can confirm that an sfizz track displays the correct values for notes identified using the label_keyN opcode.

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Just playing around with this. I notice CC32 is missing. Also is it possible to send Coarse Bank Select (CC#0)?