Popup windows in Ardour/Mixbus

Even though I use Mixbus, I think this issue comes from the Ardour branch, so I post it here.
One problem I meet frequently, which I’d really like to be fixed, is Mixbus’/Ardour’s incapability of opening popup windows in plugins.

I run Linux, and I don’t know if it’s like this in every OS, every DE, but I’m unable to save presets in both TAL plugins and Audiothing plugins, as the save button wants to open a folder window and make me save the preset in a folder there. The thing is just that Mixbus/Ardour won’t let any folder window pop up.
I can do this in any other DAW/host I have (Qtractor, Reaper, Bitwig, Carla).
But in Mixbus/Ardour nothing happens.

Is this something other users here recognize?
And is it something that could be fixed at some point? I’d really appreciate it!

I just tested this using TAL Reverb-4 on Debian 12 with the Gnome desktop, and while the save feature built into the plugin doesn’t work (a file folder window doesn’t open like you described), using Ardour’s built-in preset functionality does work by clicking on the “+” button at the top of the plugin window. I was able to make and save multiple presets and toggle between them this way. The presets were still available and recalled the last saved state after closing Ardour and re-opening the session.

Chances are that this related to

both upstream VST3 and JUCE have addressed this is in 2021. So recent plugins do not have this issue anymore, meanwhile you can use the workaround described at that issue, and nag upstream to update their plugin(s).

No matter how big a fan I am of you, Robin, and how thankful I am for your work on my no. 1 favourite piece of software, which not only brings me loads of joy, but also brings income to my family, I’m unfortunately not entirely convinced. :upside_down_face:

This happens to me even with brand new plugins, like Audiothing’s Fold, which was released just last week. vst3 and vst2.

But I’ll try your workaround and see if that solves the issue.
So it’s not a general Ardour/Mixbus issue?
Other (Linux) users get their folder windows popping up?

(for the record, I run Mixbus 10 with Gnome 42.9 as DE).

The VST3 ThingsFold.so from the 1.0 demo download has the string “VST 3.7.8” in it, so it appears to be using the SDK from May 2023.

TAL-Reverb4 has “VST 3.7.2”, released in March 2021, so that could possibly be before the fix.

The actual fix for VST3: x11: update the file dialog to use vfork, and not require quoting by jpcima · Pull Request #159 · steinbergmedia/vstgui · GitHub

Yeah, that fix is in VSTGUI 4.10 , which is in the 3.7.2 SDK, so the TAL and ThingsFold issue shouldn’t be related to that particular bug.