Pops when usign reverb on buss

Before I put this in the bug tracker, I wanted to see if anybody else is experiencing the same thing.

I have multiple sessions where I have a buss set up with the Calf Reverb LV2 plugin, pre-fader. On a couple of the other tracks I have aux send to the reverb buss, generally post fader. If I move a region in the session, even if it’s in a track that does not have an aux send, it creates a reverberated pop on the reverb buss, so this sound is obviously going through the plugin.

Is anybody experiencing something similar, or is this a known issue?

I hear some “strangers” in calf reverb on reverb bus.
It sonds like “bas reverbation with phasing” but last night i exported a master
(bounce) 24bit 48k mix session, and have chosen “no normalising”, and rest is 44.1_16 bit_and noise shaping on.
Exported master file has none of those “strange” flanging-phasing sounds.
Try other reverbs. Calf is nice but there are people on this forum mentioning this same problem.
Calf needs more cpu power than some more “simple” plugin FX.

Try other reverb.

I often use this one:

It sounds more like there is come kind of connection between the master and the buss plugin which shouldn’t be there. The reverb pop even happened in an export.

Have you tried it with Invada Reverb or tap plugin ( there is nice description of it on link that dbra posted)?

thats some wierd issues, ive never had a problem with the calf plugins.

tal reverb plugins are pretty good aswell i prefer them over calf plugins. i like big spacious reverbs and the calf plugins just dont seem to cut it for big reverbs. Not for what im looking for anyway.

Flanging and phasing can be caused by, well phase issues. it could be just done to the latency of the original track mixed in with the reverb that also has dry signal. due to the processing latency the dry signal will be out by x amount which can cause phase issues.

if you are using dry signal in your reverb, id suggest just going complelty wet, since you have a dedicated fx bus theres no reason to have the dry signal since yo can control the dry and wet balance simply adjusting the fx bus level, or your send level.

Yes, i use buses in daw´s since Logic 5 and PT 5.
Those “magic” flanges have nothing to do whith dry-wet signal paths.
Chn and its Send is 100%dry, bus is place for reverb and its out is 100% wet.
Fader gives amount.
No latency, no phase troubles, just strange sounds.

I’ve just been able to come back to this issue again today. I have ruled out the possibility of it being the Calf Reverb, as it also happens with a Linuxdsp Stereo Reverb. This occurs on multiple sessions.

If I have the transport rolling and I drag the end of a region (to resize it), a pop appears in the buss track, even when the output of the region’s track is not connected to the buss.