Polyphonic Aftertouch


What with Polyphonic Aftertouch support ?
Now appear new not expensive devices (Roli, …) and old (Roland Handsonic, …) with this powerful feature. And DAW becomes a bottleneck.

Thank you

It’s not entirely clear what you’re asking. Unless Ardour is somehow stripping polyphonic aftertouch MIDI data on it’s way to your synths/samplers, handing that information and doing something useful with it is the synth/sampler’s responsibility, not Ardour’s.

Ardour does not record PolyPressure events :frowning:

i realised a week ago that ableton live does not record or pass polyphonic aftertouch either…would be nice to have for sure in ardour!

@unius: how did you test this? There is no code in Ardour that strips or avoids polypressure.

I am have a Roland HandSonic HPD-20. Each pad can generate PolyPressure. Ardour’s MIDI Tracer shows PolyPressure on midi_in and midi_out of connected track. But after recording, these events did not play.

Looks like Robin is already trying to track down your problem, just saw this in the git logs:
Author: Robin Gareus robin@gareus.org
Date: Fri May 27 12:12:00 2016 +0200
add a test-sequence for polyphonic pressure

Hi @paul, actually sending polyphonic aftertouch events crash my ardour setup by an assertion failure. I’ve filled a bug http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=7044

@unpiru, yes i am aware of this. the work on polypressure is not finished yet, so the bug report is a bit premature :slight_smile:

sorry paul, i didn’t wanted to be hasty. for me wasn’t a bit premature, the bug was really annoying because it crash when hit the stop button, in my case when the whole recording session ended. I was not aware that my akai was sending that kind of events, I didn’t even know that polypressure exists, and I was able to record it with various hw and soft tools (I don’t care if these tools ignore that kind of event in the flow).