Polyphonic Aftertouch, Poly Pressure, PolyAT

Hi, I know there was some work done some years ago to support Poly Pressure at the data level. Has there been any additional progress toward making the data visually editable in Ardour’s MIDI editor?

There aren’t that many DAWs which support this, but there are increasingly more hardware products which generate and respond to these messages (Novation, KORG, NI, Waldorf, ASM, now Yamaha). This is standard MIDI 1.0 stuff, not newer specs like MPE or MIDI 2.0, it would be amazing to have editing support in Ardour.

Aha, I see that there are in fact PolyPressure automation lanes. The labels refer to PolyPressure[1] regardless of the actual note, not sure if that’s a bug or a misunderstanding of what’s being displayed.

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