Polish Religion Song - "Oczyszczenie"

NOTE FOR ATHEISTS: This is catholic music made by polish catholic artist Magda Anioł (i think…). I made this song because i’m plaing with some group in local church, and i was have to start with something :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: Theres no vocals. I have problem with recording sound from microphone, and my voice is strange :smiley:

(link to music below)

How I made that:
I used Hydrogen for drums, Audacity for remove noise from tracks recorded at mic-line-in from my YAMAHA P-85, and Ardour of course for mix all.

How to made something like this:
First create some nice drums in Hydrogen (huh… i’m not drummer well it was a lottery to made this drum track). Next, i recorded this track into Ardour (using JACK transport: remember to change clock in Ardour from Internal to JACK).
Then, connect your keyboard (unfortunaletly i don’t have MIDI Sound Card, and i connected from keyb-headphones-out to laptop-mic-in) and start recording your music in ardour. You have to do it track by track.
After that, set automation data (like Volume and Pan), and export your music.

Working at the project (:

Link to music:

When i will find some time, i upload ardour project files… huh… or not… i see now that project files have about 550MiB. Sorry :smiley:

Nice work. You play the keyboard well and have done a good job at making the drum track, particularly for a non-drummer! There is a bit of a noise issue with your keyboard setup as you mentioned. What made you choose Audacity to remove the some of noise from the tracks?


Thanks man.

Well, about noise. As i understand, you asking why i choose Audacity but i can choose something different. Well, i’m googled and i found GnomeWaveCleaner, but it doesn’t works for me (wavs recorded in Ardour). Well, i installed Audacity where removing noise is quite simple.

I must remove it, because i’m amateur and i don’t have professional hardware, i recorded piano tracks from standard sound card, and i have some problems with recording in drivers (Realtek ALC660), well, when i recorded track, i see and hear noise at about -40dB.

Still i know, that theres some “artifacts” in piano sound, but that can be everything. Low quality sound card, cable, or sth. I trying remove it by set volume on piano to about 90%, but as you see, this didn’t work.

Now i’m trying made High Hopes (Nightwish version) - sounds nice but i don’t have Guitar. I publish it, when i buy USB–MIDI interface, and synth guitar sound :smiley:

Regards to,