Polarity Maximizer in Ardour?

Watching Harrison’s Youtube channel (as it shares many features with Ardour), I saw the video about the “Polarity Maximizer” feature:

I found it very interesting, as I’m working on a project where there’s a drum set recorded with several mics.
When trying to use that function, I noticed that Ardour does not include “Polarity Maximizer”. I haven’t found anything about it in Ardour’s manual either.
Is that because it hasn’t been considered interesting by the developers? Or is it a proprietary Harrison technology?

I am currently using Ardour 6.3, downloaded from https://community.ardour.org/download on Debian 10 stable

The DSP is proprietary. It was developed by Prof. Jim Davis, Dept. Computer Science & Engineering at Ohio State University and licensed to Harrison. There is also a plugin version of that algorithm available from https://www.audiomere.com/polarity.html

Ah! Ok Robin. I already assumed that the algorithm would not be free (libre).
Thanks for the clarification!
Unfortunately, the plugin version is only available for Mac and Windows :pensive:

It’s also more cumbersome compared to the tight integration into Mixbus. You’ll have to add plugins to all tracks and play the whole song though once. While in MIxbus the analysis happens offline, faster than realtime on a range selection.

If someone was to write a free software equivalent analysis plugin we could also add this feature to Ardour.

Very very interesting feature