Podcast (in Danish)

I’ve edited, mixed and recorded all three episodes of the first podcast for my workplace in Ardour: Lydrummet - Sjælen Marineret | KulturRummet

  • As you can hear - even without knowing Danish - I still have some (a long) way to go to master the mixing process. I am self-taught, and went in knowing NOTHING about Ardour. I feel I know more now, so the next thing I produce will probably be better sounding. :sweat_smile:

Since then, we’ve been forced to work in the DAW “Hindenburg”, but I learned a lot about audio while working on this podcast (and I can clearly hear a lot of issues when listening back now, that I wouldn’t make today).
I fell in love with the power and flexibility of Ardour, so for my private projects I’ll definetly return to work in this maginficent piece of free software!

jamen det lyder da helt godt syns jeg

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Mange tak! :smile:
Jeg havde mit hyr med at få etableret et workflow der ikke spændte ben for sig selv - og så med at finde ud af niveauer og LUFS ved eksport, men det tror jeg at jeg har lidt bedre styr på til næste runde.