Plutó song mixed and mastered with Ardour

(Joan Massanet) #1

Here is a song made few years ago mixing it in Ardour for my band. It is in catalan. Hope you enjoy it!


Nice song Joan, I would ask though for some more bass presence, maybe it’s a bit lost specially in the chorus.


(Cchoowee) #3

Hi Joan. I liked it. Agree with bluebones, bass could be a little stronger, but still sounded pretty good.


Btw do you guys have a bandcamp?

(Joan Massanet) #5


I’m agree with you regarding how the bass sounds. The problem was that it was not recorded well so I did a synthetised one with an awfull plugin… (It’s hidden because of that…).

You can find us on Spotify: tutu-pà

First two LPs were recorded in an studio in Palma, Mallorca. The EP of 3 songs called “Inèdites” it’s a home made one.

Regards, and thanks for your feedback.

(Mikael Hartzell) #6

Very nice song indeed :slight_smile: I agree that it lacks a strong bass. There is not much to say since the composition and mixing is so well done :slight_smile: I really like the melody of the chorus, its great.

There are some great elements there in the mix that are so low in volume that they almost cant be heard. One of the guitars plucks a good melody during the bridge and at the end of the song, I would raise the volume of those passages since that is good stuff. Something else that seems to go to waste a bit is the keyboards playing bell sounds during the chorus. It creates a good atmosphere and would be better a bit louder and maybe spread more widely across the stereo sound field.

Also when listened through headphones (these are good BeyerDynamics DT 770 Pros) the vocals are much louder than anything else. (This might also be because of the missing bass) I would lower volume of the vocals maybe 1.5 - 2.5 dBs so that it would meld better with the instruments. Again adding a bass guitar will change the balance.

Anyway the song and audio work is top notch stuff, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Joan Massanet) #7

Many thanks, Mikael!