Plugins VST com GUI via WINE e REAPER (.exe)

instalar kernel atual de baixa latência

configurar o JACK

instalar o REAPER

instalar os Plugins VST e as DLL

estabelecer o roteamento das portas de audio via JACK

*algumas VSTs que não rodam no CARLA poderão ser acessadas pelo REAPER via JACK conectado ao ARDOUR

There are much less heavy-weight VST hosts that can run under Wine. VSTHost is one example. Using Reaper for this purpose in connection with Ardour is pretty … silly. Reaper is a good DAW all by itself.

Carla (plugin host) can directly bridge VST (and the plugin state is saved with the session) see

Another alternative is to build Ardour itself with WindowVST support on Linux (running under wine). AVLinux ships such a build.

From You are

[..] taking bits of software written [to run] on the Windows platform - and then trying to use them on an entirely different platform [..] as basis of a stable, reliable DAW [..]

that’s a cool hack at best.