plugins per object/regions


ATM I am just working on a piece where I have lots of small audiofiles in one track and need different plugins, volume/pan curves … for each soundobject.
I could of course generate one track for each audiofile or make some hacks with additional busses for each plugin, but in practise this is not really possible.

So something really, really neat would be, if one could add plugins just to objects or regions, like e.g. in Samplitude.
I know this is a little bit against the “analog” concept of pro-tools/ardour and might be quite tricky to integrate also in the GUI so that one doesn’t get confused - but in some situations its simply a must.
Maybe a object-properties window for each object/region could be used, where one can also assign plugins, volume and pan values (again like e.g. in Sapmlitude).


FYI this was proposed last summer as a Google Summer of Code project but was never completed. Its not trivial to implement, but is certainly not impossible to do.

Yes I read that it was proposed last summer - how is the current state of the development (is there already code?) or what is needed to complete it ?

My vote too for object/region effects. The “analog” concept is well… outdated. The object editing is the reason I still love and use Samplitude.

That would certainly be a real good thing for ardour. I suppose it will not be easy to implement, but THAT would be the “little detail” that would make ardour a first-class audio software.

Some times i’m dreaming of a future version managing that - even with AU plugins under osx :wink: