Plugins not Playing on Regular Tracks

I have followed the manual on setup, but my plugins only play thru the Master track. When I try them for individual tracks I get no effect sound. Can someone tell me what needs fixed?

I don’t select the bypass button on them if that’s what you mean. I am using Tube which I can hear when I turn up and down on the Master, but no go on the regular tracks. I am also using Calf Reverb which I can hear as well on the Master but not on the regular tracks.

Plugins get inserted bypassed by default. If there are parenthesis around the plugin name in the channel strip then it is bypassed.

I assume also that this is Ardour v2?


Are they bypassed? What plugins? Do you have any wet sound in them if they have a wet/dry control, or a wet level? etc.



Are you mixing files of different sample rates? For instance if you have the session set up for 44100Khz and import some 48000Khz audio files or vice versa then you will have issue with files sounding like they are at the incorrect speed, All the audio files in your arrangement must have the same sample rate.

Where can I check sample rate? And do I need to look at all Jack setings and match them up too? Like 16 24 or 32 bit. How do I tell which bit I am(16 24 or 32?).

Okay it is the Calf Reverb and it seems to be when you turn back the Dry, the volume goes down. I am new to all this so excuse my ignorance. Maybe I need to start a new topic but my biggest issue is timing or tempo now. It seems like some of my files get faster for no reason. So I go to tempo to slow them down and it doesn’t help. Is this a bug or is there a way to fix that?

The linuxDSP plugins fade to silence periodically when running in demo mode - there is (or should be) a splash screen to warn about this when they are first added to a channel.

The plugin seems to drag the overall volume down after a period of time. That is what I am getting. And I can’t bring it back up unless I quit Ardour and come back into the session.

so what plugins are you using?

Calf Reverb
C+ Tube Amp IV

Basically I’m doing vocals now and want to create a nice tone to enhance my voice. If you have any suggestions on plugins I would love it.

In almost all cases this would be something in the plugin rather than something in Ardour.

I will say I do like using the C* Tube plugins on vocals on occasion as well:)


The file was already ticket in the properties for allow executing file as program. I needed a ./ instead of So it is now setup and I am now working in Ardour 2.8.14. This seems better as I can hear the effects upon playback. But not when I am getting ready to record which is where I need them as well to tune them correctly.

I still can’t hear effects before recording. I am getting ready to record which is where I need them nowl to tune them correctly. I can hear playback effects during playback but not before. How do I fix this?

So I downloaded and extracted the file and now open a terminal and navigate to it. When I enter the below this is what I get. I tried just cliking on the file after extracted but it just opened a text file.

ron@ron-desktop:~$ cd Ardour_64bit-2.8.14_13065/
ron@ron-desktop:~/Ardour_64bit-2.8.14_13065$ ls
Ardour_x86_64-2.8.14_13065.tar.bz2 README
ron@ron-desktop:~/Ardour_64bit-2.8.14_13065$ command not found

I have confirmed that I am on 2.8.11. Is it possible to upgrade using Synaptic Package Manager or using apt get? I am not too savy yet on how to intall/uninstall or update packages.

It is possible if you can find someone with a compiled package for your distribution certainly.

Downloading and installing from this website is not a very difficult process as you just have to run one script and installs into /opt for you. Then you would run the binary from /opt


How do I remove it first. I guess maybe thru Synaptic. What are the commands to install it?

I don’t remember seeing them in parantheses unless I would select them and then deactivate them.

This Ardour version came standard with Tango Studio. I beleive 1 or 2.86 or something. I can get definites when I get home later.

Well if you are on 2.8.6, the first thing I will suggest is that you update to 2.8.14 which is the current version and has literally hundreds of bug fixes. You can download a binary from this site if you donate as little as $1 pretty much, or you can probably find an up to date version for your distribution if you look around. The binary from this site is pretty much the standard to go by when reporting bugs however as then we can be sure it isn’t a packaging error.