Plugins in processor box, does it stay on when exporting

If I have a corrective eq on the processor plugin box does it stay in when rendering/exporting or do I need to manually turn it off when exporting

You will have to turn off before exporting any fx you dont want to hear.

Not 100% clear what you want to do here, but I am assuming you are referring to inserting an EQ etc. to correct for your listening environment before you start mixing? In that case insert it as a processor on the monitor section:

Then when you export, as long as you export from the master track which is before the monitor section in signal flow, and the default, you will not get the processors from the monitor section in the export.

If you are looking for something else, more explanation is needed.


Ya that’s what I’m talking about. Thanks, so as long as I have the plugin on the monitor plugin section then it won’t in included in the export

Yes, that is correct.

Cool, this is great,

And just for sake of completeness search for other conversations with me on this forum discussing the dangers of depending on this vs correcting your room and listening environment.

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