Plugins GUI

Hi Folks!

How can I turn on Calf (or other) plugins GUI with Ardour?

My problem is solved. Ladspa Calf instead of lv2 Calf.

@silver: for the record, almost none of the people who develop ardour use these forums. even myself (the lead developer) show up here purely out of courtesy to users. from my perspective, web forums are just about the worst medium i can think of to foster interactions between users, designers, developers (and anyone else really). as a mechanism to help provide support, they are incredibly frustrating and limiting (said as a person providing support, not seeking it).

I use Ardour 2.8.16 from site.

What have you actually tried so far? What happened?

… and is there a way of telling if there are any users on here?

Why would it really matter?

If you need more immediate feedback I would suggest IRC.


What version of Ardour are you using and where did you get it from?