Plugins generate no audio unless pin connections are edited

I’ve had this issue with older version of Ardour and even mixbus. This happens I think when a stereo plugin is enabled on a mono channel. I was using a plugin I think that is stereo, it was a nectar elements as I was trying it on a vocal in ardour 6 on windows 10, should I be only using these types of plugins on busses, I find it kind of a pain to figure out, I know before I was able to get by because I was able to just switch one of the pin connections back and forth and I heard audio

That sounds like a bug.

When using stereo VSTs on a mono track, Ardour informs the plugin that only one channel is used (only one pin is connected). This is important for some VST plugins to internally switch to mono mode.

What change do you need to make in the Pin Connection Window to make it work?

This needs further investigation. Would you mind filing a bug report at so that it won’t be forgotten? Thanks.

I had to make another instance and connect the in and outs on each instance

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