PlugIns for vocal tracks

Hi folks,

which plugins do you use for your vocal tracks ? Are there some you could recommend ?

I found those linuxDSP things very attractive (the LV2 ones) and they seem to work really fine (I tried the demo mode).

Glad you liked them :slight_smile:

In my opinion, LinuxDSP plugins are the best native plugins for a Linux/Ardour setup.

its true , the linuxdsp plugins are great, its definitely worth spending some money on them… what i still miss is a smooth reverb … there are the invada early reflection reverbs useful to simulate small rooms for example and the sr2a i used successfully for voice sometimes… … but i still miss some alternatives… some recommendation? is there something like a convolution reverb in the lv2/ladspa world?

for my last project I was using the jconvolver from Kokkini Zita .

Well it is not an lv2 or ladspa plugin, but it was just one external application I had to take care of. Used it as the effect on one bus (via insert) and was very happy with it.

thanks for the hint, i ll try! i also found a convolution reverb called hybridreverb2, i wanted to try it but somehow jost does not work on my machine, i wonder why (i get “killed” on the console when y try starting it)…

I think hybridreverb2 is the best Linux reverb of all, it simply sounds amazing. It’s got some UI issues though, like being able to add so much boosting to the signal to potentially kill your speakers and your ears. You have problems with jost (I do as well), try the windows VST version via festige or ardourvst…

Personally, I miss a good delay plugin (LADSPA or LV2), and will probably end up buying loomer resound…

ah thanks for your advice, i ll try the win version… resound is a stand alone, right? so its not possible to use it as a plugin in ardour, or is it possible with ardour vst…?

It is possible if you use the win vst version with Ardourvst. I asked loomer about LV2 support and they said one day they’ll do it they still don’t know when cause they have not received a lot of requests for it (sadly).

yeah we should write requests to all these companys, that they realize the linux community is getting bigger… :wink:


Where are the download links? I don’t see any.

@audiodef: On the right of the page, underneath the ‘Download’ heading, click on the picture of the plugin you want to download and you will be taken to its page, where there is some more information about it and where you can download or buy it.

Foot. In. Mouth! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the browser font size zoomed-in and I totally spaced on needing to scroll to the right.

<— dumbass!

@audiodef: No problem - as soon as I get through some of the plugin coding I’m doing right now I might have a look at ways to make the website better to navigate. If you need any help with the plugins just use the ‘Contact Us’ link.

i now tried hybrid reverb and it sounds great but kills ardourvst when i start it… any suggestions? it just freezes ardour, maybe it need s to much cpu (im on dualcore thinkpad) or do i have to make some special wine settings or something like that…?

Go on the jack preferences in qjackctl, set the timeout time to 9000 msec and see if it works (it should)…

got me the linuxDSP reverb and the dynamics bundle right now, very fine ! Detailed instructions, professional setup, really a good recommand ! A perfekt combination: AVLinux, Ardour, linuxDSP

Merry X-Mas from scg62 AKA ProfKnaakenbroed

What about the CALF git LV2 plugins? I really like them!

did you try the IR lv2 plugin?

I like the compressor from Invada, it really makes a voice sound hmmm more opaque.

The Invada Reverb is cool also. The positioning of voice and listener in the room sounds quite realistic.
For nearly limitless opportunities try IR-reverb:

get some response-files (I like the ones distributed with jconv) and place your voices in rooms not many could afford to place a singer in :wink: