Plugins for Ardour

Hello Ardour-Friends,

I’m using Ardour 2.8 from this site now for a while with Ubuntu-Studio and a amd64-architecture but I failed using the LV2-plugins so far. I followed the instructions on this page but it doesn’t work. I would also like to use VST-plugins but it’s not so easy for me to compile Ardour by my own. Are there any VST-plugin-compiled Versions available, or can someone compile it for me?

Sincerely, frankeo.

vst currently doesn’t build with 64 bit versions of Ardour.
Either you need to run a 32 bit version of Ardour on your 64bit operating system or you need to run 32bit version of linux. Or you need to use an external program like FST.

LV2 support on ubuntu requires a couple of extra libraries installed at the moment

How do you make sure you compile the 32-bit version of Ardour? I’m running it on Gentoo.

Simplest way is to build it on a 32 bit system.

For both LV2 and VST you need to compile Ardour with the appropriate switch.

VST packages are probably not to common right now as it only just became legal to distribute binary packages of them as Ardour switched to the vestige headers instead of the VST SDK, which couldn’t be distributed.

I do not believe those packages have any support for LV2 based off a seperate recent conversation I had with someone about them.


AVLinux should have VST(i) and LV2 support in base install (32-bit, currently release candidate though)

AVLinux won’t have VSTi support in Ardour, it doesn’t exist in a released version of Ardour right now. It may however have it using dssi-vst or something similar.


Thanks for correcting. AVLinux has:
“- Ardour 2.8.1 w/ LV2, Freesound and FFT Analysis Support + Hundreds of LADSPA Plugins”
“- VST(i) Support via FST 1.8 or DSSI-VST 0.8 (run as external JACK Clients) running with Wine 1.1.20”