plugins and right/ctrl click

I am using OS X and only have a single button mouse. As has already been mentioned, being an X11 application Ardour does not allow for the ctrl-click workaround. Is it possible to use a single button mouse and access all functions in Ardour? So far I have found Ardour usable without the second and third button click commands, but now I want to access the plugins and the ‘sends’ menu on the mixer seems only to be accessible through a right click.

Appologies if this topic hs already been addressed.

OK, my mistake. I was clicking and trying out every possible key combination on the wrong area of the mixer.

Button2/right click is achieved by holding down apple/command key and clicking for us single-button simians.

And now that I’ve had a chance to check out just a few of the plugins I’ve lost all my remaining skepticism that an open-source DAW could mount any serious challenge to the Logics and ProTools. This is a fine peice of software.