Plugins, and moving forward (LADSPA,LV2,VST2,VST3?)

Howdy all, Long time user of Ardour. I took a break from Music during Ardour 7 to work on some other projects for a while and when is swung back around to doing some audio, Ardour 8 was out and wow, things are different. Key things for me being half the plugins on my projects broke due to the library support shifting. I’ve been through the forums, I get it, it’s all fine. I just want to adjust and move forward

My plan to try to stick with the ACE, Dragonfly Reverbs, x42 tools and drums, and LSP plugins for the majority of my needs. I just want to get used to tools i know will be around a while, and not be forced off them again. That said, it’s unclear to me which direction i should lean for plugin format: LADSPA, LV2, VST2/3. What is most recommended currently? Any pros and cons? Ardour docs state compatibility all around but is there a clear direction i should lean for these things to be most futureproof/stable/compatible/or whatever other reason?

Thanks all.


My recommendation would be LV2 and VST3 as those are currently supported. I didn’t find much between the two to choose one versus the other, but if you need Windows compatibility then VST3 is more likely to be supported on Linux and Windows.