Plugin upgrades

Trying out the new Ardour3 beta might be a good time to try these new upgraded channel processing plugins:

Styled as API500 format modules, these supersede the original linuxDSP pro-channel plugins, adding essential channel EQ, Dynamics and Gate processing to linux DAWs

An upgrade isn't essential for compatibility, however, the new versions include preliminary support for many of the recent changes to LV2, and the dynamics & gate plugins are now typically 50% more efficient compared to the earlier 'pro-channel' versions. It cost us a lot to make these, so regrettably it can't be a free upgrade, but there is a discount available for a limited time, for existing users of the pro-channel plugins. Details on the download page.

New features:

  • Auto-upscaling GUI - dependent upon system dpi settings or seperately configurable, improves usability on small / hi-res screens.
  • Preliminary support for X11UI extensions to LV2.
  • Physical control weighting - models the 'feel' of high quality rotary controls, and makes small control adjustments more precise.
  • More efficient DSP - up to 50% less CPU for dynamics and gate plugins.
  • 32 and 64Bit linuxVST support coming soon as a free addition.

I really like the new ui showing numeric values for every control it really makes life easier!