plugin ui

im running the latest ubuntu using standard ardour gtk2 and i dont know how stupid i am but when i ad a plugins and double click them they all have the same ui i dont know if its because i have only the plugins that come with it installed or what…also if someone could help a noob out to install some plugins besides the ones that come with it without having to compile and install them yourself because im failing at installing lv2s that ive downloaded
sorry for the noobness im a music guy not a computer guy…
anything would help, thanks

thanks so much thats what i was trying to find out
do you, sir, have any recomendations for lv2 i should install, or tips on installing them? i see recommended plugins on the plugins page and have tried the first two lv2 plugin links but failed to install them correctly due to my lack of comprehension of the instructions…compiling, making, installing, etc.
any word is helpful, thanks

@ardourisfun: almost all linux distributions have those plugins available as prebuilt packages to be installed via your system’s standard software package management tool. I can’t tell you what that tool is, because I don’t know what distribution of Linux you are using. But some options might be apt (for debian and debian-derived systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc), yum (for fedora and fedora-derived systems like CentOS). Its also generally findable in the main system menu under something like System -> Administration -> Software Update.

im running ubuntu 10.04 LTS

which would make it synaptic package manager…
thanks a lot ive got an understanding now

Try installing CALF and INVADA plugins, those should get you started with some nice GUI plugins. I don’t think INVADA are included in ubuntu repos, but they have som deb packages for ubuntu at their website:

And you can purchase some from:

Which are really nice!

P.S. Yes, ardour is fun!

@ardourisfun: they all have the same UI, or they all have UIs that look about the same? The second is entirely expected if you’re using LADSPA plugins, because they have no GUI of their own - Ardour builds them and they all look about the same. Some (not all, but some) LV2 plugins do have their “own” GUIs, but only recent versions of Ardour (2.8.9) support them properly.