Plugin suggestions?

I’m hoping someone can suggest a free plugin that could substitute the AU Dynamics Processor in OS X. It’s an awesome compression and gating tool. But the parameter window doesn’t display everything in Ardour 2.8, and the plugin is thus only partially usable. In particular, I’m fond of the realtime animations in this plugin. For those not familiar, there is a an x-y plane representing input-output levels resp. A pointer moves along a user-defined curve in this plane showing the action of the plugin.

Anybody use something remotely similar?

calf lv2 compressor has similar animation, see here:


It seems likely that kelleydv is on OS X considering the post, which does not have LV2 at this time.


Nothing exactly like it no. What I use is a combination of dynamics processors, generally the Mixbus compressor/leveler/limiter, but if I am not on Mixbus I will use either some AUs from WaveARTs or LADSPAs like the SC4 from Steve Harris. The latter of which is VERY barebones as LADSPA plugins do not provide a GUI. For gating my preference is for the MR Gate from WaveArts, which is one of the very few true downwards expanders I have found. Obviously I can pull in Trackplug and get both of them along with a nice parametric EQ and some basic sidechaining capabilities as well (Sidechain from within the processor only) if I want, which I have done in Ardour on occasion before I used Mixbus as much as I do.