Plugin sindow size problems

I’ve been using thee Reason rack VST so I’ll often have an entire effects chain in one plugin window. Whenever I open the Reason rack plugin with a bunch of devices in it the window extends below the bottom of the screen and I cant access all of my devices. Previously I was able to solve this problem by resizing the window down from the top and then dragging it up until the window was all in view. Once the bottom of the window is in view I can scroll through my devices. I recently updated to Ardour 7 and now it doesn’t work to resize the plugin window from the top. So I can’t access all of my devices. I’m using windows 10 and windows updated around the same time I switched to Ardour 7 so I’m not entirely sure if the problem is Ardour or windows.

Any help would be appreciated. If I can’t figure this out I’m going to need to finish my project in Reason and I like editing way better in Ardour… although the side scroll function on my mouse does work in reason and not in Ardour but that’s probably a topic for another thread.

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