plugin settings window

In Ardour 2.8.2 (5569) when you click on store button for the setting of a plugin, the pop up where you name your settings and save it don’t appears… In fact, comes behind the general plugin window, and you don’t see it before move this general window.

Not such a problem, if you know it, but maybe something to do here ?

Hmm make certain you put a bug report in Mantis on that will you? Shouldn’t be difficult to fix, but that way we don’t lose it like we tend to do with the forums:)


@Seablade, done !

@Peder, as it’s the only popup problem met on this machine, guess it’s a bug ? But, to be sure have to search a while if somebody have this kind of problem using Fluxbox. I’ll let you know.

It works in 5338 on xubuntu 9.04 , so either it’s a new bug or it’s got something to do with your window manager.

Oh, forget to say : nice look the 2.8.2(5569), don’t know what have really change, but it is good update !! Looks more clearly and better definition (to my eyes) Thanks a lot.