Plugin selection method

Hello there,

Im a newbie working with ardour for about a week and when I made my first 5 track mix with it I was amazed how it can mix the signals so accurately and clean, perhaps its because of the realtime capabilities of rt linux kernel. I have some suggestions about plugin selection part of ardour:

Selecting a plugin from the list takes much time and effort. Why the ladspa plugins arent sorted by types like its made in jackrack? Or theres an easier way that I dunno? And why’s the plugin not shown on the mixer strip of the track occasionally is it a bug? Thank you.

ardour’s treatment of digital audio has almost nothing whatsoever to do with the kernel.

what version of ardour are you using? you can sort on any column in the plugin selector dialog by clicking on the column header. you can filter by selecting a field type in the box(es) below the list of plugins, then typing a string and doing incremental search.

regardless, current SVN and the upcoming 2.5 release will include new menu-based plugin selection, as requested by many users with Windows and OS X DAW experience.

As for plugins not showing up in the mixer strip - this is behaviour i have not seen reported before.

Thanks for your interest, I use 2.4.1 for now and hope to see it done in 2.5, I will immediately download and compile it :slight_smile: best regards

the new plugins system is great. saves a hell of a lot of time. make sure to go through the plugins window to select favourites too :slight_smile:

i wonder though, is there any chance of having alternate ways to organise the submenus? at the moment they are grouped by author. i think categories (delay, dynamics etc) would be more useful though. maybe even have a way of manually entering ‘tags’ for plugins and having them grouped into submenus by tags.