Plugin recommendations


Please recommend plugins for Ardour (I have 0.99.3, specifically, on OS X.3.9). I am not looking for SWH, TAP, CMT, CAPS or VST. I have the above; CMT makes Ardour crash, can’t run VST and I have the others. I think the delays are lacking because what I really want is delay time, wet and dry levels and feedback (expressed as a PERCENTAGE not dB). I know there are tons of delays but of all that I have, there are not many with just what I described. There is a good one in CMT but I can’t use it without crashing. Amp emulators, phasers, filters, generators, etc I don’t really need.

I would also like to find a delay that allows to EQ the output.

If anyone has some info for other than the above please let me know.

Thanks a lot.