Plugin recommendations for simple channel muting, panning, gain adjustments, etc.?


I’m looking for simple, low-processing plugins that basically include (preferably):

  • Individual channel muting.
  • Gain knobs/sliders for Left and Right (or other) inputs.
  • Panning options.
  • Other? …

If anyone has any names/websites/recommendations for such plugins, please let me know! :+1:


Calf Stereo Tools does most of what you want, and more. Individual L/R volume controls are missing though.
Generally Calf plugins aren’t being recommended here for some reasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of their plugins. YMMV


Are most of those functions included natively in Ardour? I do not understand the work flow or signal flow you want.
That said, take a look at the x42 utility plugins, balance and downmix plugins may be useful for some of what you want.

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Sometimes you just need some additional gains/pans/etc. in the signal path amongst the rest of the plugins where it’s not convenient to do it just with faders and built-in pans, etc.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion! @x42 's plugins are great. His Stereo Balance Control plugin will come in handy.

Another I (re)discovered that pretty much satisfies my needs is this 4U Meter by HOFA. -Really convenient.

-Thanks! I will see if I can get it for my older Mac setup (10.6.8)… :vulcan_salute:

Ill save you some time… just don’t.

You can compile it on OS X, but because it is very difficult to statically link it correctly, it tends to have issues with Ardour’s GTK as well, so it becomes even less stable as a result, you either use generic UI or nothing.

If you are on OS X there are some basic Apple plugins that also fit some of your needs (Apple’s AU plugins) IIRC.

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Another option is JD Trim and JD Pan because they have an inline UI (edit: correction: inline display).

They work on Ardour and Mixbus.


Those are handy little problem solvers, very nice. Didn’t know they existed, so thank you both for writing them (I presume) and for posting about them.


Airwindows has good utility plugs for (I think, all of) what you describe. Free, open source, great quality what more does anyone want?

GVST too, at least fader and pan plugins on top of others. Good plugins too, free.

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Ardour also comes with “ACE Mute” and “ACE Amp” plugins.
With pin-connections you can use them for individual channels on multi-channel tracks.

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-Thanks, and really good job! :+1:
I successfully implemented them.

Airwindows kicks ass. I’ll definitely explore his utility ones, thanks. (As a side note, Chris just released his “ConsoleMC” 0_0 which, after only 2min of experimentation, I highly recommend to anyone mixing anything.)

-Awesome, thanks.

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything with these recommendations, thanks! :grin: :+1:

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