Plugin Manager options...

There are so many LADSPA, LV2, VST plugins in Ardour now! I think it would be really useful if we could organize our plugins more. Creating categories, etc. I’d like to have multiple “favorites” sections that I could rename. That would be useful, but not entirely necessary. Just super convenient.

Currently, if you browse plugins in the “Categories” section, it seems like most of them are “Unknown.” Why? I see plenty of chorus plugins that could go in the chorus section, etc. It would be nice to have them well organized. Sometimes plugins can be difficult to find.

most plugins do not classify themselves. on OS X, there is no way to classify AudioUnit plugins. so this would be a significant new feature in which Ardour allowed the creation, editing, deletion and display of categories. which means that it is a feature request that should go into (although it is possible that something like this is already there.