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Trying out Ardour watching unfa’s video. As per the video when I right click on fader, then new plugin and I don’t see plugin manager but only plugin selector. So I am unable to go along with the video. The window had come up first and I had closed it. But unable to find it now.
The answer is going to make this question silly but sorry about that.

Unfa’s video is “old” with respect to the current version of Ardour, which you are using. We renamed the plugin manager to be the plugin selector. Not much else changed about its operation. The task of managing plugin discovery, blacklists etc. is elsewhere and that caused us to change the name,

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Which version of Ardour are you using, and what version is used in the tutorial that you are following?

Since Ardour 6.9 there is a “plugin-manager” Window to manage plugins (scan, inspect logs, white/blacklist etc).

The window that was previously called “plugin-manager” is now called “plugin-selector”, but is otherwise identical to prior Ardour 6.x versions.

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Got it. Thanks for your time.

Thanks a million. Now I can go ahead :slight_smile:

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