plugin manager CPU spike while searching

I’m not sure if this has been fixed in 2.7.1 (i’m waiting for Ubuntu to get a build ready), but i’ve noticed this behavior for quite a while now, and was wondering if anyone else has this issue, and what i may be able to do about it.

after loading the plugin manager for the second time. Any search that is done for a plugin name, spikes the cpu, and takes ‘forever’ to bring up the results. It looks like somekind of regression issue in the search algorythm, but i’ve no idea really what’s causing it.

any ideas? this is making ardour almost unusable right now… :frowning:



I wonder what is going on. I’ve had the same issue since 2.5, and just figured it was something with the official build and Ubuntu. Kinda like the file import dialog error from 2.5-2.7 that was going around and like the new version of jack messing up my firewire (freebob)… It’s Ardour spiking the CPU, problem is that the deb was stripped, so there’s no real way for me to debug it. Anyone have an idea on what to do? This is really only effecting the plugin manager while searching.

i’ve included an image to describe what’s going on.
Thanks for any help, and Alex, thanks for the reply!



J, not a prob here with a source build of 2.7.1 with Ubstudio 64bit Hardy or Fedora8 32bit. There’s no appreciable increase in the CPU when searching.