Plugin list

(Big Bros) #1

Is there a way to extract a list of the ardour plugins ?
I’m a newbie and i’d like to be able to extract the list to annotate them in some document.
Maybe is this unavailable in Ardour but i’d be surprised if that couldn’t be done in Lua.
I tried some Session:get_processors() but of course, this failed :slight_smile:

(Paul Davis) #2

What do you mean by “the ardour plugins” ?

(Big Bros) #3

I mean the list of all effects
We can see it in the plugin manager but i’d like to export it…

(Paul Davis) #4

There’s no way to do that.

(Edward Diehl) #5

Here are 2 rather imperfect ways of getting a list of plugins:

  1. Take a series of screen shots of the plugin window (moving the window slider each time since there are probably more plugins than can fit in one screen). But this will give you png or jpg image files which cannot be easily annotated.
  2. Type this in a terminal: ls /usr/lib/ladspa/ /usr/lib/lv2 /usr/lib/vst > plugin.txt
    plugin.txt will be a list of plugins likely to be found in Ardour. But I think lv2 plugins can have more than 1 plugin in a lv2 directory, and also Ardour may be configured to scan other plugin directories. But this would be a good first guess at the plugins Ardour knows about.
(Paul Davis) #6

the command lv2ls is the correct way to list LV2 plugins on a system, and uses the same discovery code as Ardour.

(Big Bros) #7

Thank you. I’ll try.
But I thought it would be possible to do this with Lua. Maybe later. This scripting functionality is still young and may offer more and more access to the internals (list all the plugins with a side chain entry for example).
Anyway, this is not a vital need and the clues you gave me will allow me to have a first look at all these plugins.