Plugin like Drumagog or similar


Is the any plugin out there for Ardour like DrumGog or similar? I have som bad drum tracks that I need to fix with better samples. Or maybe there’s a function in Ardour already that can fix it.

Thanks in advance


So obviously it can’t show up in a 64 bits setup. Building is not that hard. Just follow the instructions in the README or INSTALL file.


Tried to do that. But the only thing message I get in terminal when I type sh make (as su) is make doesn’t exist. If I try sh make install, the same message.

From the README fil


TBD - what’s TBD? Do I need it?


All what you have to do is type:

sh# make (doesn’t work with sh# make, tried with sh make, doesn’ work)

To install the plugin and samples in the right directory you have to:

sh# make install (doesn’t work either)

As I said, tried as root and with sudo on both


tiggeby ladspa-trigger-0.1 # sh make
sh: 0: Can’t open make
tiggeby ladspa-trigger-0.1 #

there is no make file, the is one named Makefile


Thanks stanlea,

I found it couple of minutes after I post here. But it doesn’t show up in Harrison Mixbus. I have LinuxMint 64-Bit installed. Maybe it’s only for a “clean” Ardour?


Did you install the deb package ? If so, it’s for 32 bits system. Did you try to build it from source ?


No I’m not that good on building stuff in Linux I’m affraid. Yes I installed it from a deb-file.


you don’t have to type sh make but only make.

and make install:-)

EDIT: Fixed typo for you – Seablade

Then I get this:

tiggeby ladspa-trigger-0.1 # make
cc -I. -Iinclude -Wall -Werror -O3 -fPIC -fno-stack-protector -o src/trigger.o -c src/trigger.c
src/trigger.c:12:21: fatal error: sndfile.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [plugins/] Error 1


You most likely need to install the libsndfile-dev package


Thanks alot @linuxDSP

Pity that it ain’t can handle more samples.