Plugin GUI Issues on 32-Bit Ardour 6.9.0 with Mac OS X 10.6.8 [VIDEO]


I recently installed the 32-bit version of Ardour 6.9.0 (using the file Ardour-6.9.0-i386.dmg) onto my Mac running OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), and I’m getting this GUI issue (-GUI disappears when you click on things inside the plugin, then reappears if you move it around, -after closing the plugin, a white box appears where it was upon contining work in the session, etc.).

It appears that this problem only affects plugins that have their own (custom) GUIs, -and not the ones with generic GUIs.

Here’s a screen recording I made to demonstrate the problem (1:16):

  • Has anyone seen this before?
  • What things/settings/diagnostics/etc. should I check to narrow-down where the problem is?
  • Are there any known fixes for this kind of bug(?)?

Thanks for any help(!),


Actually, not all plugins with their own GUIs are affected. It seems to be approx. 50/50, -again, amongst plugins that provide their own GUIs.

It seems to more commonly affect my most frequently-used plugins, which is weird.

Things I’ve checked/tried:

  1. Created new user account; setup/run Ardour 6.9 (32-bit) from there; problem remains.
  2. Ran Ardour 6.9 (64-bit); no GUI problems whatsoever.

I will try to reinstall some of the plugins that are experiencing the issue(s) (-like Voxengo’s GlissEQ as in the video), remove duplicates, and see if I can improve anything…


No luck so far…

-But here’s another clip; a part of the problem is that the window that Ardour provides for a plugin seems to rest in front of the plugin’s GUI, which seems to be working just fine in the background:

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