Plugin for phase corrections?

Is there a plugin that enables one to “rotate” the phase of a signal around? Such as to fix phase cancellations, if there is two tracks, say of a guitar, that were recorded with two microphones. Of course nothing goes over carefully adjusting microphone placement, but for the fine tuning such a plugin would be very useful.

if the phases are 180 degrees apart, then just right click on the track name in the mixer strip, and select “Reverse polarity”.

for other more subtle phase variances, i don’t have a suggestion.

No I meant for the more subtle changes. There are hardware devices who do that… (I think by applying flat eq, because that adds phase shift).

I’m a computer science student and very much interested in the whole plugin story, I might try to write such a plugin. Is there any guidelines that one MUST absolutely read?

Would a very slight delay or nudging the track by a few samples do the trick?

I’m working on one ATM. I’ve only tested it on kick and snare
within a drum-kit, but when it’s necessary, it can bring the close-mic’d
source into much better focus with the overheads than a simple polarity-reverse will do.

I’m waiting on getting an official plugin ID allocated for it before
I can release.

I guess I could maybe try to put together an LV2 version, which AIUI wouldn’t
need an official ID, but I’ve never done any LV2 stuff yet

usually for recording it also would do a line delay put in the effect channel (yes, with eq also the phases shift…) but for using that correctly u´d need to know the exact delaytimes, you need to “ping” your mics(or calculate distances…)… I ve neverdone it and only think of the commercial smart who can do that, but maybe theres an open source program who has the same feature…?

More than 10 Years later: Does anyone know a plugin to solve the problem?

UAD makes a plug in called Little Labs IBP Phase alignment tool.
I’ve used is many times. Its simple and effective.

(hope its okay to post links to other vendors. Please remove if not)

Hope this helps.

Michael MacDonald
AlgoRhythms Mastering

and by now there are also other options: harrison mixbus has the great polarity optimization tool I m using a lot. there was once a plugin from linuxdsp/overtone where you could shift phases. and also there is a lsp plugin for “micro delays”

LSP also has a phase detector that works great!

Thanks for the answers. I’m looking for an LV2, LinVST or LADSPA plugin in Ardour. I can not find the linuxdsp / overtone plugin online. All links there are offline. Can someone publish the linuxdsp / overtone plugin again if it is open source? The LSP plugins are not what I am looking for.

OvertoneDSP are not open source, but are available here: They are great, but they don’t do phase correction.

LSP does it well. See:


It might be a stupid question but, is it possible to have latency or phasing problems if you only use virtual instruments and midi track? (no mics involved)
And if yes how to detect it and fix it?

Is it possible? Yes. It is likely? Not really, at least in many cases.

The first question is always going to be, can you hear it? If you can’t hear it is it worth spending the time to track down and fix?


Well, I’m not sure.
I’m using this plugin with a midi track. This plugins allows 1 to 4 audio outputs, I use 4 with the “fan out to tracks” settings. But I started with 1 output and I feel like it’s not the same exactly. And I feel like there’s a slight delay. That’s annoying because I’m not talking about two similar tracks; if they were similar it would be easy to check if they’re on the same beat (at least when I have recorded the audio wav). But if the snare is right on its beat but the bass drum is a little off-tempo, it’s more difficult.

Thanks for your answer.