Plugin Development?

Ok I admit this might not be the right forum for this question but here it goes anyway: Where would I start if I wanted to give a go at writing an audio plugin for Ardour (et. al)?

I do understand generic C/C++ fairly well and have written plugins and standalone apps in other contexts (mainly 3D graphics. plugins for Autodesk Maya etc) but I have zero experience in signal processing and related plugin development. Are there any good introductory howto’s, books, websites or tutorials on the subject?


Ok I found something that’ll keep me busy for a while:

you could start here. its the plugins section of kx studio.

Hi kbrown:
That tutorial is good and most of it still applies but it was written some time ago before the LV2 spec even reached version 1.0. Harry Haaren has several more recent blog posts about lv2 development ( ) and I have a couple too (of questionable worth I’ve since learned I broke a few naming conventions). Reading the source code of various plugins can help too (mine are at ). For books there are several good online resources, first one coming to mind is . Also the DAFX series (I think they have a couple books, but they’re conferences and papers) is specifically audio DSP and has lots of good ideas waiting to be implemented (some aren’t as good, but still informative and interesting). Probably some better places for discussion would be the developers section at or on irc in #lad. Good luck and enjoy!

Awesome! I’ll have a read. Keep 'em coming if you have more… :slight_smile:

Probably the only other one is
This is the source code of the official example plugins. At some point the best thing is to decide what you are doing and learn how to do the dsp for it and implement it. Anything you can learn about DSP will be helpful and applies to any plugin format.

pleaes keep the labels right, we dont need any more “currie” errors in ardour :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, im a nubie in terminal and ardour, i have “.dll” file, not the install version, in my directory but not in the /usr/lib/vst like this post said

what should i do?