Plugin (chain) on every Track

Hi there.

Is it possible to load a plugin on every track with one “command” ?

Or is there a way to build presets for a pluginchain ?



You can setup a session the way you like and save a template that will let you start a new blank audio session with the same track and plugin setup.
Ardour manual session templates

Thank you for you reply, but its not really what I want. I want to put a plugin on all tracks. At the moment i do that for every single track by hand. Thats not a good way if you got 20 or more tracks …

perhaps a feature request:

  • plugin manager (which opens when you double-click on channel space for adding plugins) can have selection boxes to choose on which channel(s) you will add (list of) selected plugin(s)?

i’d join the request :slight_smile:

Perhaps as a time saver, you know that in the mixer view, you can drag a plugin from one track to the next, which creates a copy. Certainly faster than menus.

if you want to add X plugin to 20 tracks,

  • drag & drop 20 times is not really a timesaver

instead doing repetitive work (current state):
1- open plugin manager
2- select X plugin
3- add to track 1
4- copy to track 2 (alt-drag & drop)
5- copy to track 3 (alt-drag & drop)

24- copy to track 2 (alt-drag & drop)
or if we want to add 3 plugins on 20 channels, that’s around 60 copy-paste steps…

do (feature suggest/request):
1- open plugin manager,
2- select X plugin
3- select channels on which you wish to add it (first idea: similar to export dialogue when selecting channels - checkox, track number, track name)
4- click ok

are you really sure that doing 25 steps is more efficient than 4?

Actually, still just 20.

once you select 2 stubs (plugins) and drag&drop to next channel, previous plugin selection is gone, so you have to click again 2(or more - depending on how many plugins) times + click&drag which makes it even more tedious…
1- open plugin manager
2- select X,Y,Z plugin
3- add to track 1
4- select 3 stubs; copy to track 2 (alt-drag & drop)
5- select 3 stubs; copy to track 3 (alt-drag & drop)
6- select 3 stubs; copy to track 4 (alt-drag & drop)

i’ll avoid arguing whether it’s 20, or 21 repetitive steps…

i’ve made feature request on Harrison forum with workaround (thanks to Nathan)

i’ve linked since i’d not want to make same post on 2 forums. If that is against the rules, feel free to remove it, and i’ll create duplicate one. Thanks

On existing tracks? Using templates would allow you to create new tracks with the same plugins instantiated each time, but I do not think there is a way to apply a template to an existing track.
So agree, not useful for you if you would like to add a plugin to multiple existing tracks.

Yes. I am using a “analog” chain on every track. So i have to copy track by Track :frowning:

  1. Add the plugin you want to the favourite plugins list.
  2. Select the tracks you want to add the plugin to.
  3. Right click the plugin in the favourite list plugins in the mixer view and click one of the “add to” options.

Man, that works ! Thank you.

Also you can save a track as template (with all plugins) so when you add a new track, you can select your custom track.

How do you save a track as a template?

Right click on track name->Save as template (or model not sure, I use Italian localization…).

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Thank you. I was in Edit view and it didn’t work. In Mixer view works great!

I continually have to look this one up: I can understand why saving a template from the “mixer strip” view seems to make more sense than from the editor (one is saving only plugins and routing, not anything from the playlists). Still, ISTM that having an option on the “Track” menu for this would be useful.

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