Plugin categories

concerning the plugins, I have noticed that there are many plugins in the categorie “plugins” et “unknown” that could be sorted in other categories (for example HybridReverb could be classified as a reverb, ZamEq as an equalizers, FreeVerb as a reverb…)

Can I sort plugins in the right category ? How could I share this sorting work with the rest of the community ?

Thanks for help,

The short answer is: In Ardour 5.x you cannot. The category is provided by the plugin itself. However in case of LV2 plugins (like Zam*), you can edit the plugin’s .ttl file and add lv2:EQPlugin or any of the “classes” specified at

Ardour6 moves away from categories and uses tags. There can be multiple tags per plugin. The category is only use initially for plugins that don’t yet have any tags. Tags can be edited in the GUI and will be stored in a sharable config-file. The default one currently is

Thank you for your answer. Looking forward Ardour 6 :slight_smile: