plugin bypass automation


One thing I’m missing a lot in ardour is automation for plugin bypass. As there now exists some boolean automation, adding plugin on/off automation doesn’t sound too hard to implement.

I have some programming skills myself, so if someone pointed me where to start I think I could try to do it myself.

Another thing that is dissapointing me is that you can’t change order of tracks. Do you think that this feature will be added in near future?

what do you mean by track order ?

if you did not know, you can reshuffle the track list by e.g. highlighting the track header in the editor canvas and using Ctrl+arrow up or down to move it around.

Since the track list in the editor canvas is the same as in the mixer window, the change will propagate in the mixer window as well.

Yes, that was exactly what I meant. I had just tried to move them with mouse. Thanks a lot for answer.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

there’s another way that’s been around for a long time:

in the editor window, you have some tabs on the right hand side, one is called Tracks/Busses

click on the tab header. Now you see the track list by names. Drag-n-drop a name with your mouse within this list -> same effect as the keyboard action I told about in my previous post.