Plugin 'Bypass' automation


I see that the plugin parameters can be automated individually but that is not what I need to do (at this moment). I simply want to set all the parameters and then when the particular part in the songs arrives that I want the effect on, I only want to “write” the automation command for switching the plugin from Bypass to ON (“deBypass”).

So the plugin is set up and Bypassed, the part in the song is reached and the plugin turns on, the part ends and the plugin goes back to Bypass.

Can this be done?

I’m running OS X.3.9 and Ardour 0.99.3.

Thank you.

P.S. Is there an upgrade for X.3.9?

Also, I am specifically using the DJ Flanger plugin at this time.

And from the manual…
“You also need to enable automation playback for the plugin itself. This needs to be done in the plugin’s editor window by clicking on the automation button in the upper right corner. Without this step, the individual parameter buttons will not enable automation playback.”

I don’t see the automation button in the upper right corner. Just the Bypass button.


You can automate plugin parameters, but unfortunately you can’t automate plugin bypass.

implementing this is totally trivial in the backend of ardour. what is hard, amazingly enough, is figuring out how to draw/represent it in the GUI. as soon as i get an idea on how to do it cheaply and correctly, it will be implemented.

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Oh wow. Are there plans for this in the future? Or, does a newer release feature this? I’m limited to 0.99.3 with OS X.3.9.

Or, is there another way to simulate this? I’d hate to throw that section of the track(s) onto new track(s) each time, having the effect on it, as if it was turned ON.


I’m personally a fan of the green and red idea (or some other colour scheme as green and red contrast can be hard to look at… especially for those of us that are part colour blind) … but possibly just background colour rather than a line…

Flora… What you can do as a workaround… is place the effect on a bus and route a send to that bus… Then you can simply automate the send level or the level on the bus…

Perhaps you should put bypass automation lines into the automation tracks. A red line meaning bypass, and a green one meaning active.

I was going to suggest a bus, but allank beat me to it.

How to treat bypass …

(This is a pretty old thread, so pardon my ignorance if there’s been progress in the interim that I don’t know about.)

re: Paul’s thinking about how to represent bypass state in the GUI. Why not treat bypass just like internal boolean plugin parameters (on/off buttons, toggles)?

It brings up a few other issue too.

In Ardour, drawing in a track’s automation areas is not vertically “quantized” to that parameter’s units, so if my plugin has an on/off state, I can draw floats from 0.0 to 1.0 on the automation timeline, but the plugin will treat anything higher than 0.0 as 1. Or lets say we’re triggering scenes for Jamin. We have 7 scenes but Ardour allows us to write automation like 6.35, which is interpretted as a 7 in this case.

My previous experience has been with Pro Tools, which quantizes automation drawing to the unit system of the plugin. So a boolean parameter like mute “snaps” to either the top or the bottom of the track’s automation timeline, and those 7 scenes in Jamin would be snapped to 7 vertical divisions. It seemed intuitive enough to me that I never really thought about another way until I used Ardour. I’m not sure how LADSPA, LV2, and AU “publish” their parameter ranges and units though.

Mute/solo automation has been mentioned alongside plugin bypass in various posts, and mantis tickets:

Not sure if sponsoring these old tickets makes any sense, but maybe somebody can inform us about recent progress?

Plugins often have an “amount” or “wet/dry” parameter. Use that for switching on and off… It will be smoother too.
How is it possible to automate a send level?