plugin and other...

hi, I start to apologize for the reason I use google translator, so if you come out of nonsense try to understand me, I’m Italian and my English is very bad.
I thought for a program level erdour 3 should release the plugin native base as a parametric EQ, compressor, noise gate and the midi of “vst” already his, the plugin can be assigned to the producer where the sound wave and control it via midi with a midi controller so that we could easily make up for any of the samples …
ardor as 3 will have the option of recording the midi would be nice if they also deal with the sounds to load sound font, without having to use external programs.
I speak as a layman I’m sorry, but I think it’s time to ardor to make the leap larger (already this release will give him the best program for linux in the audio).
a question, there is a date for the stable? I’m anxious to try this sacred monster:)
good day