Plugable mixer

I’ve been playing with the mixbus for a while now and I think the idea is a good one. Now I wanna know if it’s possible to make Ardour’s mixer plugable… That means a 3rd party company can make different mixer with channel strip like in mixbus and you can switch or install different types then have a section where you can select current mixer or something like that. I don’t know if this is possible or if the feature already exist. If it doesn’t I would like to start a donation drive for that. So can someone let me know if this is possible or if it’s been implemented in Ardour. Thanks


The topic has been discussed several times within the development team of Ardour and Mixbus. There is no easy answer other than to say there is no current development moving to this yet, and no donation drive to support it. If you wish to start one feel free, it may cause the development teams to lean more one way or the other. Understand that it is not exactly a simple task however and won’t be taken on lightly most likely.


@izunnamusic: we have no plans to make this kind of change. Mixbus’s existence is in large part due to the fact that the entire DAW is open source, unlike almost all others where it is necessary to use plugins or some other host-provided API to do what you are talking about. The work to do what you are describing is quite substantive, and would bring few benefits in my opinion - the main reason why Mixbus is so nice to use is the way it both expands and limits choices in the mixer. But, as per usual, what I think doesn’t matter in any sense other than that it wouldn’t be me doing this - if someone else wants to step up and try to do this and they do it well, it will certainly considered. Note that developments like this need to take place in ardour3 - ardour2 is basically feature frozen at this time.

@paul well I think what you have to say matters. I’m guessing it will take months and probably few more developers to get this going. That means someone will need to raise $10,000 or $20,000? or more? . I know it may sound like another internet post but I’m dead serious about this. I know this is a feature that can change the DAW world and the way I do my own work. I don’t want to run off and start raising money without having any kind of direction from the developers.