Plug-Ins Manager crashes in 2.4.1 (SVN 3201) built with with VST & FREESOUND Support


I love the new “favourites” functionality with the Plug-Ins manager, however it is crashing when I try to de-select a favorite within the Plug-Ins Manager. This is happening with LADSPA and VST plug-ins both. The good news is I seem to have a “stable” batch of VST plug-ins running with Wine 0.49, after trying many Wine versions. Also VSTHost running with WineASIO is giving me additional VST support as an insert. Running Ubuntu 7.10 with RT Kernel.

It is also acting weird on my part.
I have the latest svn build as of yesterday and when I add a plugin it adds the same plugin to other (seemingly random) tracks. Or it adds it multiple times to a track.
I don’t have VST support built in…

I’m running Ubuntu 8.04 with rt kernel

Hi border,

How’s Ubuntu 8.04 working for you? I can’t install it in my rig because it doesn’t like my mobo at all, Every conceivable cheatcode fails with the LiveCD. I’m curious how Ardour compiles on it? I’ve got so much stuff compiled on my current rig I’d be scared to make the leap anyway, is the Realtime Kernel stable?

We probably should report a bug with this Plug-In Manager, I just haven’t bothered yet because I’m pretty new to Ardour and don’t want to waste the devs time with something that may be my fault, It’s good to know it isn’t restricted to the VST enabled version only anyway.


I guess progress doesn’t always mean moving forward…I had to revert back to 2.4.1 official source release. No plug-in Manager “favourites” but no plug-in weirdness either. Works for me, VST support is still relatively stable with a small handpicked bunch of VST plug-ins in 2.4.1 running with Wine 0.49. In case anyone is interested here is a list of the VST Plug-ins this setup will run:

Smartelectronix Ambience Reverb (careful with the “size” button)
DFX Transverb
SimulAnalog Amp/Pedal Sims
Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter
Kjaerhus Classic Auto Filter
Kjaerhus Classic Phaser
Kjaerhus Classic Flanger
Kjaerhus Classic Chorus
Kjaerhus Classic EQ
Kjaerhus Classic Reverb
Kjaerhus Classic Delay
Kjaerhus Classic Compressor
Paris EQ (Parametric)
BJ Tremolo
T-Sledge (Multi-band Compressor)
Voxengo OldSkool Reverb
Voxengo Tempo Delay
Voxengo GEQ Overtone Equalizer

Not a long list but other than Ambience being a little flaky, quite usable. And they are all free as well.

+Many more via VSTHost 1.45 and WineASIO 0.7.4