PLug-INS ? huh ?

Hey guys,

I’m new to linux and ardour… thus far i’ve managed to record and etc…
i downloaded the plugins and compiled them etc etc…but are those the only plugins available?

I mean in windows you get plugins where it’s like a visual interface, as if the hardware is on your pc,
is there any plug ins available like that? EQ, Reverb, Chorus etc… ya know what I’m talking about.

Christopher. "/

plugins are still evolving on linux - there are some architectural challenges that present themselves that are not an issue on a windows machine. If you want some pretty user interfaces then:

If you want some plugins with knobs and buttons and all that stuff you probably have to compile Ardour with LV2 support.

The standard Ardour takes use of LADSPA plugins that are in my opinion very powerfull and good sounding but lack of a hardware-like interface. If you get used to using LADSPA plugins you wont miss that stuff.

Otherwise you can use linuxdsp’s effects that work outside of Ardour. So you have to connect them vie Jack.

I think the LADSPA plugins are great and there ar tons of them, just too bad they dont look like good plugins.

@Azeroth: I now have versions of some of my plugins that work as LV2 effects. These are still ‘Beta’ versions so there are some known limitations. You will need Ardour 2.8.3 for the GUI to function but you might like to give them a try - the new Mix EQ plugin that adds a channel strip style EQ to Ardour might be useful.


Hey thats a interresting option, so i might give it a try.
Can i work with Ardour and use LV2 and LADSPA at the same time?

Otherwise i would have to recompile Ardour.

I believe you can use LV2 and LADSPA - so the LV2 versions of my plugins should work if you have Ardour 2.8.3 compiled with LV2 support. On previous versions, the plugin should still function but you won’t get the GUI interface, you’ll just get the ‘default’ one provided by the host.

Ok when im at home i gonna try that out and tell you how it works.

Do you plan in converting all your plugins to LV2?
Would be really great and make things alot easyer. No more Jack routing necesarry.

There are plans to convert the other plugins but it depends on several factors - mainly:

  1. Converting them is a considerable amount of work - not just porting them but testing and debugging them etc, and I have to be convinced that this is a worthwhile effort. I’ve stated before in other forum posts that regrettably I can no longer justify doing this for no financial return anymore, so how rapidly this progresses depends on the amount of support I get, but things are improving gradually, and I am very grateful to everyone who has given their support so far.

2)The success of the Beta versions - assuming no really nasty problems are discovered.

I can understand that.

I will try out the plugins this evening and if i like it I definately gonna support you. I think one thing that makes Ardour to a uniqe and outstanding DAW ist the community around it that helps each other and the numerous volunteers that work for a better Linux Audio Workstation.

Ardour really depends on good and effective plugins and concerning what other DAW’s and their plugins cost, I truly think everybody can donate some money to support Ardour and programmers like you.


Where can i download the beta versions of your LV2 plugins?? Are they within the normal package??

There’s a link on the front page of the LinuxDSP web site. Second news item.

There’s a link from the front page to the beta test area or you can follow this link:

within each zip file there should be x86 and x86-64 folders and within each of those there should be the .lv2 ‘bundle’

@christoperbecker: just to clarify: some people believe that shiny-hardware-like GUIs for plugins are actually not that great. They have become common in the windows/OSX world, and the debate about whether its a good idea or not continues. The arguments against the h/w-like GUIs focus mostly on usability - although it helps someone who has used, say, a hardware compressor already if the GUI for a software compressor looks similar, in the long run, that doesn’t necessarily provide the best way to interact with it using a keyboard, mouse or even a touch interface. In addition to this debate there is fact mentioned earlier in this thread that current open source plugin standards don’t make the creation of this kind of GUI particularly easy. Things are changing but all the LADSPA plugins and most of the LV2 plugins you use will get their GUI provided by Ardour itsefl, and it will not be “shiny”. Doesn’t mean they are not useful, usable and sound good (doesn’t mean they do either :slight_smile:

Back again from 1 hour of hard linux console work.

For using LV2 plugins i had to recompile ardour and first get alot of dev packages for scons to be able to compile. Had to train me some skills first as i usually work with my mouse and not the keyboard.

But after that im once more happy with my Ubuntu, and especially Ardour because now i can use both Ladspa and LV2.

I tried the Linuxdsp-plugins as LV2 version and really begin to like and use them. I stil prefer a good ol looking graphical EQ so the two EQs are not really what i would normally use but they sound really good. I gonna donate some money to Linuxdsp for making further good plugins and also to Ardour because now its really the way i wanted it to be.