Please help me installing the new Ardour

I’m a musician, no progranner, and I use Linux only in order to run Ardour. This message (it comes when I doubleclick the or something) goes over my head:

PKG_PATH=$(dirname “$(readlink -f “$0”)”)
cd “${PKG_PATH}”

check for an interactive terminal

-t fd - Returns true if file descriptor fd is open and refers to a terminal.

fd 1 is stdout

if [ ! -t 1 ]; then
if which xterm > /dev/null; then
exec xterm -e “${PKG_PATH}/”
elif which gnome-terminal > /dev/null; then
exec gnome-terminal -e “${PKG_PATH}/”
elif which konsole > /dev/null; then
exec konsole -e “${PKG_PATH}/”

cd “${SAVED_PWD}”

Please tell me what to do!

I know the problem from some of my systems. But it’s easy to solve.

  • Just open a Terminal and move to the directory where Ardour’s file is.
  • Then type: ./
  • The installation process should start.

If you should have a problem moving to the directory, there is a lazy way I often use ;-).

  • Right-click on the file in (for example) Nautilus and choose Properties.
  • Mark the path (including the slash at the beginning), copy this complete (!) path name and then move to the terminal
  • type cd and paste the complete path name, then press Enter
  • Now you should have moved with the Terminal into the correct directory

Good luck

Your nickname sounds like you are German - if you rather need a description in German please let me know.

Hey thanks for speedy help!! The installer started right away and attempted to install the program in /opt. Then there is an
ERROR!! Can’t locate .size file for x86 bundle - this package is either broken or not meant for x86 (or something). I’ll probably download again.
And yes, I’m quarter german, quarter english and half danish (albeit living in Austria) so any one of these languages is ok :wink:

So now it worked like a charm! Thanks mk 1967 for your help! I’ll probably get a little better at understanding the Linux way of working things but my main concern is making music.