Please help me connect a Mackie MCU on OSX.

Please help me connect a Mackie MCU on OSX. I can connect it as a generic Midi device and thereby control the faders. But not by using the proper Mackie support. When I do that, I can see Mackie in/out in the MIDI connections manager but the intersections are white squares and the device is not looking connected in any way. I toggled every option there is including the OSX aggregate sound device setup. I have looked all through the application, the guide on and the Jack manual. So I think it’s time I got some help.

Well lets start with the basics, what version of Ardour are you using?


Ardour 3.5.4
OSX 10.9.4
JackOSX 0.89
JackPilot 1.7.3

Ardour 3.5.74

It is very possible the Mackie code is not working for A3 on OS X(A3 is not yet officially released for OS X because of issues). I will have to look at it here and see if I can get mine working. May take me a while to do so though as I am incredibly busy lately. If you don’t hear from me within a couple days, post back to remind me. Thanks.


I upgraded the MCU from firmware 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 and now it works. Now on Ardour 3.5.380.

Glad you got it working then!