Please Help! I can't change color on the tracks!

Hello everyone.
I have really strange problem with Ardour 5.12 on Linux (I’am using Linux Mint).
When i pick color for my Track it can’t be changed. And every time when i create new track is Blue color only.

You can see on this image i have picked Pink color for my audio track, but it’s still blue.
I tried to reinstall Ardour but the problem is still here.
Is there anything i can do to fix this ? (also i have KXStudio and everything works fine. The only issue is coloring the tracks channels).

I suppose you call “Track” the track header. There’s no option in Ardour to change the track header color. The pink color you’ve shown effects the audio or midi regions. You can customize the track header colors globally through:
Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Colors>(tab) Items>gtk_audio_track ; gtk_midi_track & gtk_audio_bas

Also, the audio or midi regions (clips) will be colored only if the option
Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Editor>Regions color follows track color is activated.


Thank you !
I am new to Linux and Ardour. That is why i post this.
Thx again. :slight_smile: